A Stablecoin for Vietnam

Introducing VND.cash, a stablecoin from Vietnam and for Vietnam and the wider Vietnamese community overseas. The benefits of digital currencies without the wild price volatility. VND.cash's value is pegged.

A Multi-chain Tokenized Vietnam Dong Stablecoin

VND.cash is the first attested crypto-asset tied to the value of the Vietnam Dong (VND). It allows users to have exposure to VND as opposed to USD but with the ease of movement of cryptocurrencies. VND.cash is programmable cash.

Omni-chain Support

VND.cash tokens are issued on a supported network at the request of the depositor. Tokens can automatically be converted across chains. Token standards such as Simple Ledger Protocol (SLP) on the Bitcoin Cash network will be supported.

Exchange inside and outside of Vietnam

Convert to and from VND.cash using online exchanges, local OTC brokers, and domestic bank transfers in Vietnam and in other countries.


VND.cash has the support of Vietnamese OTC trading groups, Vietnam-based crypto and fiat exchanges, wallet providers, and financial institutions. Services for buying and selling from VND.cash to VND will come online simultaneously. Contact us to become a partner.


Experienced fiat on-ramp and off-ramp partners will implement their standard KYC procedures according to the rules and regulations of Vietnam applicable to both Vietnamese nationals and foreigners.

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Contact Us

Please drop us a line regarding OTC trading partnerships, exchange partnerships, wallet support, and community building.